KIST comes alive each year in October with a colorful celebration that brings together the many cultures represented at the school. KISTival, the annual school festival, is the largest and most important fundraising activity held during the school year and is the result of weeks of careful planning by our parent community, staff and students. Money raised from the festival is put toward the purchase of learning materials that benefit all students in the school such as library books and computers; supplies and equipment for art, music, science and PE; or it is put towards specific projects aimed at improving the general learning environment across the school. Because of this, the entire school community works very hard to make the festival a success in order to raise as much money as possible. For this reason, to ensure that all families contribute as equally as possible, participation is compulsory for all families through assistance with pre-festival preparations and on-the-day attendance and booth support. In addition, donations of food, bazaar goods, ingredients for food stalls, contributions of money and so on are also more than welcome.

Several thousand visitors pass through the gate each year into a fantastic world of witches, ghosts, Halloween pumpkins, and a host of other amazing characters. Guests enjoy a range of multicultural foods at an international food court as well as shops and bazaars, live entertainment, a games arcade and grand raffle, in addition to activities such as face painting and nail art. The festival is open to all families and friends of KIST as well as members of the general public. A small admission fee is charged to cover the cost of garbage disposal.


Flea Market



Facepaint and Nails

Face and nail painting



Food and drinks


View From Above

View from above