Relief teaching

KIST maintains a register of relief teachers who may be called upon when the need arises to substitute for full-time teaching staff who are absent. Relief teachers are responsible for leading an allocated class or classes to oversee activities as planned by the regular teacher. On occasions, if the regular teacher's absence is sudden, relief teachers may be required to lead classes without detailed lesson plans. Relief teachers may also be required to perform additional duties such as playground duty as appropriate. In general, relief work is for a full day; however, half day work may also be available in certain situations.


Requirements for relief teachers

In order to qualify for registration as a relief teacher, applicants must meet the following requirements: 

·        Relevant teaching qualifications and experience.

·        Native or fluent skills in English.

·        Valid visa* (e.g. Instructor, Professor, Specialist in Humanities/International Services, Spouse, Permanent Resident, Child of Japanese National, Working Holiday). KIST is unable to arrange visas or visa renewals for relief teachers. Tourist visas are not accepted.

·        Permission to engage in part-time work.*

·        Reside within one hour of KIST.


* If the status of your visa is for a category other than Instructor, Permanent Resident, Spouse or Child of Japanese National, Long-Term Resident or Working Holiday, you will require a document issued by the immigration office called "Permission to Engage in an Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted" (Shikakugai katsudo kyoka). This can be arranged either by you directly or by KIST on your behalf. It usually takes around four weeks. If you request this through KIST, charges will apply. As it is illegal to work without this permit for visa categories other than those listed above, we are unable to offer registration until it is received. In addition, if the status of your visa is for a working visa category (e.g. Instructor, Professor or Specialist in Humanities/International Services), you will require a statement from your employer/sponsor indicating their agreement for you to engage in work outside your regular employment.


Applying for relief teaching

Applications for registration for relief teaching are accepted throughout the year and involve the submission of a written application and participation in an on-site interview. If you wish to be considered for registration, please send the following items to the Director of Personnel at with the title “Application for relief teaching” in the subject field:

·        Your complete resume, including details of teaching qualifications, relevant experience and an outline of your educational philosophy.

·        A cover letter explaining your interest in relief teaching at KIST.

·        Details of visa status and any relevant work permits.

·        Contact details for at least two recent professional references.

·        A recent photograph.


Applicants who meet the requirements for relief teaching outlined above may be invited to attend an on-site interview with members of the school's Administration Team to discuss the position and to outline their thoughts in various areas including:

·        Educational philosophy.

·        International school environments.

·        Planning for student learning.

·        Approaches to behavior management.

·        Issues affecting relief teachers.


Successful applicants are required to submit various documents including copies of teaching qualifications, passport and visa documents, a police clearance certificate and various other documents before the first day of work.