Academic scholarships

KIST offers monetary awards to students in the form of two types of scholarship programs. The criteria for receipt of the awards are determined in line with the school’s three guiding principles—Respect, Responsibility, Safety—and the school rules and policies that follow from these.


KIST Study Scholarships

KIST Study Scholarships are an initiative of the school's Founders, Mr and Mrs Komaki. Through a generous personal endowment by the Founders, the scholarships are available to students during Grades 10, 11 and 12. The scholarships recognize students who make a significant contribution to the school according to its mission, vision and guiding beliefs, and who demonstrate qualities that truly represent the essence of the spirit of the school.

There are three categories of study scholarships as follows:

Category Award
Gold Award Full scholarship covering 100% of the tuition fees for one school year
Silver Award Half scholarship covering 50% of the tuition fees for one school year
Bronze Award Quarter scholarship covering 25% of the tuition fees for one school year

The awards apply to tuition fees only for the period of one school year. All other school fees are required in full. If there are no suitable candidates in one or more categories, no awards will be offered.

Selection criteria cover a number of areas as follows as based on the performance of candidates during the previous school year at KIST:

  • Students with excellent academic achievement.
  • Students with a low absentee rate.
  • Students who fulfill their MYP Service or DP Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) requirements.
  • Students who behave appropriately and adhere to school rules and policies.
  • Students who contribute to creating a positive learning environment.
  • Students who are good role models.
  • Students whose parents are supportive and cooperative and participate in school events and other activities.

Specific requirements for each criterion and details of the application procedure are distributed each year during semester 2, and awardees, if any, are announced at the beginning of the next school year.

KIST Study Scholarships 2017-2018 General Information

KIST Study Scholarships 2017-2018 Application Form

KIST Study Scholarships 2017-2018 Recommendation Form


KIST University Support Scholarships

The Diploma Programme (DP) offered at KIST in Grades 11 and 12 is a very challenging program that is recognized worldwide as a program for academically motivated students. Successful completion of the DP enables students who achieve high scores to go on to leading universities around the world. KIST University Support Scholarships recognize hardworking students who achieve high scores in their final year of the DP. It is hoped that this will encourage all students to strive to achieve a scholarship by continuing to study hard right up to the end of their senior year.

There are three categories of university support scholarships as follows:

Category DP Score Award
Gold Award 45 points 2,000,000 yen cash scholarship
Silver Award 43-44 points 1,000,000 yen cash scholarship
Bronze Award 40-42 points 300,000 yen cash scholarship

Selection criteria cover a number of areas as follows:

  • Students who graduate from KIST with a full IB Diploma.
  • Students who will enter university the year after graduation from KIST.
  • Students whose absentee rate does not exceed a specified percentage.
  • Students who have displayed responsible conduct during Grades 11 and 12.
  • Students whose parents support and participate in events and other activities.

Specific requirements for each criterion are distributed each year; however, applications are not required as all students in Grade 12 who meet the criteria are eligible. Awardees, if any, are announced at the beginning of the school year following graduation.