LEAP After School English Extension Program

After School English Extension Program (G1 – G5)

This program is geared toward students that are excelling in class and are motivated to learn. Students must be meeting or exceeding grade level expectations in order to participate in this class. We recommend that you take advantage of this program to extend your child’s learning beyond the classroom and help to build the necessary skills for success in the IB program.

Fee Structure
Please see the fees below. Payments are only accepted via bank transfer.


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Class Structure:
English Extension LEAP will be a twice a week class utilizing the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 curriculums. Students must attend both classes.

Homework will be given, and any work not completed in class will also be expected to be completed as homework.

Reading Comprehension and Vocab Building:
Students will learn to use higher order critical thinking in their reading and understanding of different texts. Students will read varied excerpts from textbooks, novels, biographies, etc and discuss the themes and details of the language and content matter. Through their reading comprehension, students will work on building their vocabulary for more clear and concise writing.

Grammar and Academic Writing:
Students will develop an understanding of writing structures and improve their extended writing skills.  There will be a particular focus on improving student`s knowledge and use of grammar, punctuation, and using varied vocabulary.
Older students will also develop an understanding of essay writing and improve their academic writing skills. There will be a focus on improving student's essay writing techniques, including practicing writing different types of texts, such as persuasive writing, opinion writing, compare and contrast, etc.



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