Fee Structure


Mid-Semester Enrollments:
Mid-semester enrollments are possible depending upon space available in the class. Fees will be calculated on a monthly basis.

Cancelation Policy
Please see below for our cancellation policy.

Cancellation 6-7 or more days before starting date:                   Full refund**
Cancellation 3-4 days in advance of the starting date:                50% refund**
Cancellation 1-2 days prior to the starting date:                         20% refund*
Cancellation on the first day of or during the program:                No refund**
Not showing up for the registered class(s):                                No refund

Exceptions To The Above Policy
*Cancelling an application into the LEAP program is strictly prohibited to students who are required by the school to attend the LEAP Support Program as a contingent to admittance into the school.

**Cancelling an application into the LEAP program by a student who has been requested to attend by their homeroom teacher due to their diagnostic testing score or any other factor will result in no refund regardless of cancelation date or time.

※The cancellation date will be considered in Japanese Standard Time and the time the cancellation e-mail has been received by the Program Coordinator (leap@kist.ed.jp).
The remittance fee to the designated account for refunds will be covered be the receiver regardless of location (domestic or international).


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