Founders' Vision

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the K. International School Tokyo website! We hope you find it useful in learning more about our school and the services we provide.

As the founders of KIST, we are often asked why we decided to start an international school. Looking back, the first time it occurred to us was when we heard a young boy from Africa, crying from distress at being teased. It broke our hearts to hear his words: “Why is the color of my skin different? Why aren’t I Japanese?” It was from these beginnings that the seeds of thought began to form in our minds.

In the past, enrolling at an international school in Tokyo was for a privileged few. Due to various reasons, children who wanted to attend an international school, couldn’t, and were instead forced to attend regular schools where they were met with painful experiences and teased because of differences associated with their culture, language, race and way of thinking. After coming to this realization, we felt that it was unfair and illogical and so we wanted to do something to help these children. This is why we established K. International School Tokyo.

Our vision for the establishment of KIST has always been to provide a quality, holistic international education for children from diverse backgrounds and abilities to study together in a safe and secure environment without prejudice or injustice. We believe that it is an important mission for the school to provide a place for highly motivated students to pursue their dreams. Furthermore, in order to provide an opportunity for children from a wide range of backgrounds to acquire a quality, international education, we believe that it is important to maintain an affordable fee structure as far as possible.

Through the education we provide, we encourage our students to achieve the best they can while they are at school in order to overcome barriers that may still exist in their lives after leaving school. To allow students to fall short of their personal goals and dreams because we have not worked together to build a safe, nurturing and supportive environment would mean that we have not fulfilled our mission and purpose as a school.

Our curriculum, as based on programs developed by the International Baccalaureate, provides a great opportunity for children to inquire about the world in which we live. But it is not for everyone. Being a student at KIST is demanding and requires an effort by the students themselves and an enormous amount of support from their parents. As a private school, we are able to select children who will benefit the most from the education we provide. But this does not mean we only choose students who are gifted. We value students who are academically motivated and have their own goals for the future. We value students who are serious about learning and always strive to do their best. We value students who are caring and respectful and exert a positive influence on their peers. We value students who are active rather than passive learners with a passion to find out more about the world. And we value students who want to make the world a better place. It is tremendously gratifying to see these children grow as they progress through our school.

As our school population continues to increase, we are excited about the many possibilities that are yet to come. Our dream of creating a place where internationally minded children can grow and develop has only just begun.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Yoshishige and Takako Komaki