School bus service

KIST aims to provide a school bus service to support Elementary children in travelling to and from school. Bus routes, bus stops and fees are reviewed annually and may change from year to year. The locations of bus stops are determined by the school according to demand. Both round trip and one-way services are available. Secondary students are not eligible to use the school bus service.

School bus

Seats on buses are limited. We cannot guarantee that seats will be available for all children who apply. If seats are not available, applicants will be added to the waiting list. If seats become available, children will be added in order of receipt of application.

Bus fees are invoiced three times per year in line with the main school vacation periods (August - December, January - March, April - June). Bus fees include 10% consumption tax.

To view the bus timetable for the current school year, click here: KIST School Bus Timetable

There are currently three routes in operation as shown below.

Blue Bus

Bus stops:

Chuo-ku: Kachidoki; Tsukishima (Round-trip: 22,000 yen/month; One-way: 11,000 yen/month)

Koto-ku: Shinonome; Toyosu (Round-trip: 22,000 yen/month; One-way: 11,000 yen/month)

Pink Bus

Bus stops:

Minato-ku: Azabujuban; Daimon (afternoon); Shiba Park (morning); Tengenji (Round-trip: 33,000 yen/month; One-way: 16,500 yen/month)

Shinagawa-ku: Gotanda; Meguro (Round-trip: 44,000 yen/month; One-way: 22,000 yen/month) 

Orange Bus

Bus stops:

Minato-ku: Nishi-azabu; Roppongi 1-chome (Round-trip: 33,000 yen/month; One-way: 16,500 yen/month)

Shibuya-ku: Daikanyama; Shibuya (Round-trip: 44,000 yen/month; One-way: 22,000 yen/month)