Diploma Programme (DP)





The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is an academically challenging and balanced programme of education. It addresses the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students, and is respected by universities across the globe. Each of the IB’s programmes, including the DP, is committed to the development of students according to the attributes shown in the IB learner profile. (IBO, 2016). Through the DP, students are able to share an academic experience that emphasizes critical thinking, intercultural understanding and exposure to a variety of viewpoints.

Students must undertake subjects from six groups to gain the DP:

Group 1 - Studies in Language and Literature;
Group 2 - Language Acquisition;
Group 3 - Individuals and Societies;
Group 4 - Sciences;
Group 5 - Mathematics;
Group 6 - Arts.

Each subject group contains various subject options. The actual subjects offered at KIST are announced each year in April. Students must choose a total of six subjects - one from each of the group 1 to 5 subject options, and one from group 6 (The Arts) or another subject from groups 1 to 5 if they do not wish to take an Arts subject. Please use the link below to see the latest subject choses at KIST:

KIST IB Diploma Subject Options 2021-2023 (E)

KIST IB Diploma Subject Options 2021-2023 (J)

DP subjects are offered at Higher Level (HL) (240 teaching hours over 2 years) or Standard Level (SL) (150 teaching hours over 2 years). Students must take a minimum of three and no more than four subjects at Higher Level; the remaining subjects may be taken at Standard Level.


In addition to their six main subjects, students are also required to complete requirements in three additional courses called the IB Core Subjects:
1. Theory of Knowledge (TOK);
2. Extended Essay; Students may choose a subject from their own studies  
3. Creativity, Action, Service (CAS).

KIST's students current DP Exam Results can be viewed here.

Access to the DP Handbook requires community members to login to the school website (under the Community tab).

For more information about the DP at KIST, please contact the DP Coordinator or visit the IB Diploma website.

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