School fees

The information on this page has been extracted from the KIST Admissions Handbook. Please read the complete handbook for more detailed information on school fees.

School fees (Valid August 2022 - June 2023)

As KIST is not eligible to receive funding from the Japanese government, it relies almost entirely on annual school fees to cover operating expenses. In order to cover rising world costs, personnel expenses for annual staff salary increases and the like, tuition fees are adjusted annually. Where further unforeseen adjustments are necessary due to sudden cost changes, significant changes to educational policies and the like, notification will be given as far in advance as possible.

All fees on this page are indicated in Japanese yen.

Type of fee Grades Amount  When paid
Application Fee Non- refundable All grades 20,000 Upon application
Enrollment Fee 300,000
(Re-enrollments: 60,0001)
When first admitted to KIST
Capital Fee 600,000
(Re-enrollments: 120,0001)
Tuition Fee 2,200,0002  Annual 
Building Maintenance Fee 100,0003
Community Association (CA) Fee (per family) 2,000
IB Diploma Examination Fee Grade 12 160,000 September 15: 80,000
December 15: 80,000
IGCSE Examination Fee Grades 9 and 10 Amount varies4  Invoiced separately
iPrimary Examination Fee Grade 5
iLowerSecondary Examination Fee Grade 8
ISA Examination Fee Grade 3 - Grade 9
Camp Fee Grades 5, 7, 9 and 11 Amount varies5 With first payment installment
Program Progression Fee Grades 1, 6 and 11 3,000 Invoiced separately

1. Reduced rate for students re-enrolling at KIST within three years of the previous date of withdrawal.

2. Pending approval.

3. Will be reduced for students first enrolling from April.

4. Costs for official tests from overseas organizations fluctuate according to exchange rates.

5. Rate varies depending on the destination.

Refund policy

The Application Fee and Enrollment Fee are non-refundable; however, the Enrollment Fee may be refunded where an application for provisional enrollment has been successful initially but for which full enrollment has not been granted to the result of testing conducted after arrival in Japan.


The Tuition Fee and other general fees paid at the time of initial enrollment (i.e. Capital Fee, Building Maintenance Fee, Community Association Fee) will be refunded in full if enrollment is cancelled by e-mail prior to the first day of school (Japan Standard Time).

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