Required and Recommended Software List for Student Laptops

Dear KIST families of students entering Grades 9-12,
At KIST we use Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and SharePoint Online. We believe by limiting the platform and determining course specific software to unify the computer environment that teachers and students use is best from a teaching, learning and support perspective.
Students in Grades 9-12 are required to purchase and bring to school Windows PCs (non-Apple hardware).
KIST does not provide any support for Apple products
If a family insists on their child using an Apple product, please contact the the IT department for a form that needs to be completed to indicate consent of both the student and the parent(s)/guardian(s) that no support for Apple products will be offered by the school.

It should also be noted that the ability to connect Apple products to school WIFI cannot be assured. Also from experience related with technical complications that have arisen in past years, teacher prepared student materials may not work on Apple products.

Required Software

This software must be installed on all students laptops regardless of hardware. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 is free with every student Office 365 account, for use on max 5 devices. If you register to use non Windows hardware you will need to have your computer verified that you have actually installed the required software below verified by the IT Office staff.

KIST Required Software 

Name Description
Operating System:
Windows 10 is required
  • Students using a different version of Windows will be expected to upgrade.
  • Non-English version of Windows must install the English Language Pack (free in Windows).
Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office365 

KIST provides a free Office365 license to all students while enrolled, so are not required to purchase any Microsoft Office products.  
※This is mandatory software. Other software can be installed when required for class purposes.

The Office365 suite can be downloaded directly from  After signing in to Office365 with your KIST log in information, click on "Install Office apps".


As a minimum, students are expected to sign in and run Microsoft Defender Antivirus, and ensure that it is kept up-to-date with regular scans scheduled.

For a wider range of security features, we strongly recommend one of the following antivirus software with an up-to-date license  (English version only):

Norton Security, McAfee, Bitdefender, AVG or Kaspersky.

 all anti-virus software must be kept up-to-date with latest security updates.

Browser: Microsoft Edge (new chromium version) and Firefox only
Adobe Creative Cloud:

Your teachers may require you to download ceratin Adobe Creative Cloud apps for classes, for example, Premiere Rush and Photoshop.

The apps can be downloaded from here, after signing into the school account option using your KIST email address and password.

You must have been set up with an Adobe account before you can use your school account.  You should not set up your own personal account.  Please contact IT Support if you are unsure.

Recommended Software

KIST strongly recommends students to install all of the software below to avoid interuptions to classes, however this is not compulsory. This software can be installed on a "as needed" basis.

Please see the links below that will take you to the relevant site to download the software.

KIST Recommended Software

Software Name Description Windows
Web Browsers    
Firefox Web Browser Link
Multimedia Apps    
VLC Audio and Video Player Link
Audacity Audio Editor Link
K-Lite Codecs Codecs for various multimedia formats Link
Mobile Media Converter Convert media files from one format to another Link
Acrobat Reader Read PDF Documents Link
7-Zip Compress and Decompress Files Link
Java Crossplatform Runtime Link
Apps for Design class    
Notepad ++ Advanced Text Editor
Apps for Math class    
Geogebra Classic 6 Graphing software Link
Graphmatica Graphing software  Link

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Any questions should be directed to the IT Office staff.