LEAP After School Math Support Program

After School Math Support Program (G1 – G5)

Students will build on their knowledge of the fundamentals of math and through studying the meaning of math symbols, addition, subtraction, and multiplication they will also learn the vocabulary associated with math and math problems.

This class is geared towards students that are struggling with math. We recommend that you take advantage of this program to build a strong foundation for your child’s math ability.

Fee Structure
Please see the semester fees below. Payments are only accepted via bank transfer.


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Class Structure
Math Support LEAP will be a twice a week class utilizing the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Students must attend both classes.
Homework will be given, and any work not completed in class will also be expected to be completed as homework.

Math Basic Skills:
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are the basic skills upon which all math knowledge is built upon. In this class students will revise and sharpen their basic skills to help them in their class and everyday life. We will also cover the important areas of time, money, fractions, decimals, measurement, etc.

Math Literature:
Students will work through word problems and learn the vocabulary used in math. They will also work on multi-step problems that require deep thinking and problem solving skills.


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