Gradual entry program

Very young children starting school for the first time experience a range of emotions. Some children may be excited and confident; others may experience some difficulty and anxiety. This is usually related to separating from their parents, especially if they are doing so for the first time. For students whose first language is not English, starting school in an English language environment presents them with even greater challenges. School life may seem difficult for your child at first. If they feel anxiety, it may last from only a few days to a few weeks. Please remember that this is a normal reaction that will pass once your child begins to feel confident, secure and happy at school.


In order to make the transition from home to school as positive as possible, KIST offers a Gradual Entry Program for all new K1 students regardless of their starting date. This helps the students adjust to school slowly over a period of time. The format of the program differs slightly depending on the timing of admission.


For students joining K1 from the beginning of the school year in August, the program operates for 10 school days and is divided into two sections, each lasting one week. During the first week, two short sessions are held per day. Students are divided into two groups and attend either the morning session or the afternoon session. During the second week, all students come to school for an extended morning session. Normal school days begin from the third week.


For students joining K1 mid-semester, the program operates for 5 school days from a child’s first day at school. For example, if a child begins school on a Wednesday, the program will continue until the following Tuesday (provided there are no school holidays) and regular classes will begin from the next day. During this period, students attend school in the morning only and return home before lunch time. Depending on a child’s level of adjustment at the end of 5 days, it is possible that the period may be extended.


Further information about the Gradual Entry Program will be given to new families at the time of first enrolment.