Required and Recommended Software List for Student Laptops

Students in Grades 9-12 are required to purchase and bring to school Windows PCs (non-Apple hardware). As a part of this students are responsible for making sure they have installed the KIST required and recommended software (listed below) before registering their laptop for WiFi access. This software is to ensure compatibility when collaborating with teachers, students and parents. 

KIST does not provide any support for Apple products.

It should also be noted that the ability to connect Apple products to the school wifi cannot be assured. Also, from experience related with technical complications that have arisen in past years, teacher prepared student materials may not work on Apple products.

Required Software

This software must be installed on all students laptops regardless of hardware. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 is free with every student Office 365 account, for use on max 5 devices. If you register to use non Windows hardware you will need to have your computer verfied that you have actually installed the required software below verified by the IT Office staff.

KIST Required Software 

Name Description
Operating System: Windows 10 preferred or Windows 8.1 (English version only)
Productivity Software:

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 (must be English version)
One Drive * (must be English version)


Norton Security Standard (strongly recommended)

Virus Buster, Kaspersky allowed.

Browser: Internet Explorer and Firefox only.

*Do not use the OneDrive for Business to sync your KIST OneDrive, use the link above

Recommended Software

KIST strongly recommends students to install all of the software below to avoid interuptions to classes, however this is not compulsory. This software can be installed on a "as needed" basis.

Majority of this software can be installed and updated automatically - to do so, please download and run this INSTALLER.  This process will take some time depending on your Internet connection speed.

KIST Recommended Software

Software Name Description Windows
Firefox Web Browser One click installer
VLC Audio and Video Player  One click installer
Audacity Audio Editor  One click installer
Paint.NET Image Editor  One click installer
GIMP Image Editor  One click installer
Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor  One click installer
Acrobat Reader Read PDF Documents  One click installer
7-Zip Compress and Decompress Files  One click installer
Notepad ++ Advanced Text Editor  One click installer
K-Lite Codecs Codecs for various multimedia formats  One click installer
Flash Play Flash Content  One click installer
Java Crossplatform Runtime  One click installer
.NET Microsoft Runtime  One click installer
Silverlight Like Flash, but from Microsoft  One click installer
Air Shockwave runtime  One click installer
EMET version 4.1 A toolkit for deploying and configuring security mitigation technologies Install Here
Microsoft Windows Essentials Movie Maker and Photo Gallery Install here
Lightscreen Take a screenshot Install here
Mobile Media Converter Convert media files from one format to another Install here
Image Resizer Resize images easily Install here
Geogebra Maths graphing software Install here
Graphmatica Maths graphing software Install here
Zoom It A screen zoom and annotation tool for presentations. Install here

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Any questions should be directed to the IT Office staff.