KIST Student Laptop Registration Form 2017-2018

Students who bring their personal laptop to school must ensure their computer meets the KIST Student Laptop Requirements. For computers that meet these specifications, one device, one per student will be eligible for laptop registration which is necessary to connect to the school wifi. As details about the registered laptop will be stored, if the laptop changes re-registration is necessary. Students in Grade 9 and below require the permission of their teacher first before bringing a personal laptop to KIST. Please note that only Windows hardware is supported by KIST.

Before registering your device, please read the KIST Student Laptop Requirements first then fill out the form below.

Personal Information
Software Information

Regarding Operating Systems

Please note that only Windows is supported by KIST. If students use an unsupported operating system and have a problem with their hardware, software, wireless connection etc they will be expected to resolve the issue themselves without the assistance of the KIST IT Office.

All laptops must have Norton 360 antivirus software installed. Nothing else is permitted.
Computers without antivirus software will not be allowed on the school network.

Students must have a minimum Microsoft Office 2013, Office 2016 Professional Plus is preferred.

Laptop Specifications

Name of the company who made your laptop. i.e DELL, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo etc


  • An example of this is 2.93Ghz.
  • Type in the search bar to find this information.


  • An example of this is 4.0 GB.
  • Type in the search bar above the Windows orb to find this information.


  • An example of this is 500GB.
  • Type in the search bar to find this information, then go to System Summary, Components, Storage, Drives for details.

  • An example of this is 13.3 inches.

An example of this is A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6

  • When typing your MAC address make sure it follows the format of capital letters and numbers only as shown above.
  • Via the command prompt use the getmac command to find your MAC address or click here for more details on Windows (see Option 2)


Please ensure:
1. Your computer meets or exceeds the KIST Students Laptop Requirements.
2. You have installed all the software in the KIST Required and Recommended Software List.
3. You have submitted the Laptop Registration Form.